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Our idyllic yesterday.

(Or: more doodles & roughs.)

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Word count: 950
Rating: M
Summary: Leorio’s pants are missing and there can only be one culprit.

[ x ]

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Day 6: Goodbye x Hands

For once Leorio’s apartment is silent. The neighbors aren’t fighting, the ceiling isn’t creaking in time to muffled bedsprings, and not even the clunky fan in the hallway is churning out its noisy air. 

It should be ideal. Just last week he was complaining to one of his professors about the constant assaults on his attempts to study. How the couple upstairs would start just as he finished required reading, how the couple beside him would start almost exactly an hour after, and how the fan would start to spin just as he began making dinner. The complete absence of sound is a miracle, really.

Leorio grumbles under his breath and flicks on his small television. He’s never trusted miracles.

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Sketchy fanart because of my lack of time ;-; I wanted to do a little thing for the hxhweek I love black and sketchy themes for my HxH fanarts x_x but oh well I’ll try to do more 

For now it’s Favorite Arc: Chimera Ants


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HxH Week Sunday day 7 | Reunion x Sky

"A Hunter has triumphed in their doing when, after endless efforts and hardships, they bring with themselves the rarest and most precious of prizes."

HxH anime ended and I am having separation issues, help.

For my part, I will continue drawing HxH for as long as I can. It is thanks to Hunter x Hunter that I was able to draw again, to enjoy anime as a fan again, and best of all, I earned so much more than I could hope to list. Friends, bonds, confidence, the will to chase dreams despite rough situations. “You should enjoy the little detours. To the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things more important than what you want.”

Thank you for everything Madhouse! I’m immensely grateful I was able to enjoy such a great story a second time! Thankfully we still have the manga even if it’s on hiatus again. :’)


【HXH week】Saturday Day 6: Goodbye x Hands

"Good night, Uvogin."

I just don’t know what to say…_(:3UL)_

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Asker emitters Asks:
oh my god okay a drawing of kurapika/leorio early-morning-in-bed fluff/kisses would just be the best thing ever pleeease ;__;
akayashi akayashi Said:

"Hey, what are you doing?"

Sorry for the lateness! I kinda got super carried away trying a more painter-y style, hehe, sorry! I dunno if it’s what you wanted but I hope you’ll like it <3 (loved the prompt btw, domestic leopika is my raison d’être)

I’m also working on the other prompts I got but I’ll be away next week so I should have them done by the week after that. Sorry for the wait! School and work have been kinda crazy.


I finished this doodle few days ago and decided to save it ‘till today as the final ep. came out…..



I’m gonna miss all of them…..

Thank you MadHouse for bringing one of the best childhood manga into great anime. ;v;!!




Let the new adventure begin…

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To celebrate the end of the anime I wanted to put together a set with a scene from each arc (or in chimera ant arc’s case a few since it’s so long). The anime was as good of an adaptation as anyone could ever ask for, it was a blessing that Madhouse was the one to do it. I’ve never seen such a high quality long-running shonen anime and it was amazing seeing how they translated the manga into animation.

It’s sad to see it end but don’t forget the manga is still ongoing! When it’s not on hiatus, anyway.

And I just wanna say thanks for all the support over the past almost two years, it’s been a lot of fun being in the HxH fandom and I appreciate all the kind words and enjoyment of my art so much! I still love HxH as much as the day I finished the manga and I’m nowhere near done drawing for it, I hope others will continue to love it and stick with it and that it’ll continue getting the appreciation it deserves!

You should enjoy the little detours. To the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things more important than what you want.
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