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by Laura Paladiknight / tumblr 


Gon [hey , what are you hiding? show me~~show me!]

-Leorio doesn’t want to worry Gon so he hides his phone-

Leorio [but you’re hiding something too , you first!]



tiny family

(via leorio-paradinight)

by Akayashi / tumblr 

by Namnami / tumblr 


(n). the act of loving the one who loves you; a love returned in full 

For leoriyo and akayashi

Kurapika discovers two of Leorio’s kinks. He also discovered two of his own by accident.

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by RainNoir / tumblr 


so…these were supposed to be some encouraging arts for my friends (well they’re my closest friends in my twitter acc and they ship leopika ‘v’ )..but I ended spamming their timeline..sobs /rolls/

by Cyfix / tumblr