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Since now is okay to upload the full illustration, this is my submission for the HxH: On a Venatic Path fanbook.

I changed my name to Rin(I was Ele)


I guess I’ll put this here too since I feel bad for hardly ever posting things here anymore.


a list of tags that i have so far discovered, and links to them. i didn’t include tags that had less than three items on them or were just too vague, and i’m sure there’ll be more to add, too.

for starters i want to remind everyone to take caution when browsing pixiv since the…

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Hello, sorry to bother you, I would like to know if you know the website for Ikebukuro’s J-World Shounen Jump Park? Is this a permanent place or a temporary exhibition? I want to go see if I could go there next time I go back to Japan. And do you know other places in Tokyo with HxH stuff? Besides Animate and doujinshi stores? Thank you! Oh and show us what you bought over there, if possible.. :3
akayashi akayashi Said:

I hope you don’t mind me answering publicly because someone else might want the info. :) Yes, there is a website! You can find it here: http://www.namco.co.jp/tp/j-world/

Also, according to the website, the “He is back!!” temporary mini-exhibition  will last only until the end of August. It was just a small exhibit to celebrate the return of the manga. More info about it on it’s page: http://event.namco.co.jp/j-world/hunterhunter/ (If you can’t read japanese I can translate for you.)

I have been searching for HxH stuff all over Tokyo and even in big stores like Mandarake or Toranoana, it’s really difficult to find HxH goodies which baffles me considering I thought it was popular here in Japan. :( The only other place where I was able to find good merch besides J-world would be the NTV (Nippon Television) store in the Character Street that’s in the mall underground of Tokyo Station.

In September, however, close to Akiba there will be an event called RE: Hunter01 which will be an Hunter x Hunter only event for doujinshi artists and cosplayers! I’m planning to attend it and take pictures to share with everyone :D

And here’s what I bought at J-World, haha. Not much since I’m the living stereotype of starving college student but I bought a postcard set, the Hunter License memo pad and a shijitaki. I do plan to share more pics of whatever goods I might come across!


Some of the Hunter x Hunter stuff you can see at Ikebukuro’s J-World Shounen Jump Park!

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