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International Pre-Order (until 8th Sept 2014)

Here’s the details:

1. Hunter X Hunter Doujinshi: PINA x COLADA (artists: Renpouinn & Puro Fu)

  •  Size A5, B&W, 48 pages (incl. cover)
  • Pairing: Killugon, Leopika, Hisoillu, also Pairo and Gen Ei Ryodan
  • Price: $10  (exclude shipping)  Payment with Paypal
  • All pre-order purchases will receive free limited gifts!

2. Hunter X Hunter Phone charms 

  • Acrylic, double-sided
  • Characters available: Gon, Killua, Hisoka
  • Price: each $5, 1 set (3 pieces) $15 + bonus sticker

3. Barakamon Phonecharms

  • Acrylic, double-sided
  • Characters available: Naru, Handa-sensei, Hina
  • Price: each $5, 1 set (3 pieces) $13


¬¬¬WE WILL OPEN BOOTH AT COMIFURO 4 - One Night Stand - G7

Indonesia Pre-Order (until 4th Sept 2014)

(from here, Indonesian only ^^)

1.  Hunter X Hunter Doujinshi: PINA x COLADA (artists: Renpouinn & Puro Fu)

  • Harga PO: 30rb
  • Harga di tempat: 35rb

2. Hunter X Hunter Phone charms 

  • Harga PO: 25rb + bonus sticker
  • Harga di tempat: 25rb (tanpa bonus)

3. Barakamon Phonecharms

  • Harga PO & di tempat: 25rb (Beli 1 set dengan harga 70rb)



1. Send email to renpouinn@gmail.com with subject “PO” including

- Your real name (you can put your nickname only for additional information) and contact details (incl. phone number).

- Products you ordered

- Shipping preferences

WARNING: do not transfer the money via this email. It’s not my Paypal account. I will give you the Paypal account after I accepted your order

 2. International shipping : $10 trackable standard shipping to most of the world (package will arrive within 2-4 weeks). If you prefer for faster shipping you can choose EMS but the rate is pretty high.

3. For Indonesia shipping I will use JNE or Pos Indonesia. You can also pick up your book on Comifuro 4 if you prefer.

4. All International purchases will be sent to your address on September 10, 2014. I’ll inform the tracking number to your email afterwards

5. All Indonesian purchases will be sent after Comifuro (September 8, 2014)

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Killua and his killer yo-yos

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
can you please draw leorio and kurapika kissing? your leopika drawings are my absolute fav!! ><
akayashi akayashi Said:


More than gladly, anon~! I hope you’ll like it.


"For all the readers who like HXH, the author Yoshihiro Togashi is suffering severe backache making it painful for him to work. Therefore, we decide HXH will be on break in WSJ Issue #39&40 (this week and next week). In order to be back in issue #41, Togashi is under treatment now. We hope everyone continues supporting HXH in the future."

Source: Ishuhui and Rio poneglyph from Orojackson


So, as we’ve all heard by now, the Hunter x Hunter 2011 anime is ceasing production,and will be ending with episode 148.
While we’re not 100% sure if it’s a hiatus, or really the end, we’re all still pretty sad about it! After all, our collective love for the anime (and manga) is what brought us together in this crazy little corner of the internet, and ya’ll are such a crazy, creative, amazing bunch of people and we’re so glad we’re all part of this together! 
That’s why, instead of moping and crying (we’ll still be doing that tbh) , we should bid the hxh anime goodbye for now, by showing each other what it means to us, and why we love it so much!

We want to have a ‘Hunter x Hunter Week’, a seven day long celebration that will take place September 22-28th, the week the ‘final’ episode is set to be released.
We want to have themes for each day of the week, and would love if ya’ll could help us out with picking out some of them! This fandom is made up of every single of of you, whether or not you’ve posted art, fic, opinions, or none of those things! We want as many people participating in this as possible, and we want to make sure you all have a say in what the themes are!

As a wise man once said, ‘We’re all in this together’.

So please send us your asks with suggestions for themes, we want to have them all finalized by Tuesday night so we can give ya’ll time to work on your contributions!

If you have any comments, suggestions,  questions, or concerns please send us an ask!
More updates to follow!


By Heke.
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

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