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by Amie  / tumblr

Asker Anonymous Asks:
can you please draw leorio and kurapika kissing? your leopika drawings are my absolute fav!! ><
akayashi akayashi Said:


More than gladly, anon~! I hope you’ll like it.


I actually started this a really long time ago but HxH is coming back from hiatus so i’m gonna spam HxH sorry not sorry

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flowers and shadows.

yells HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY ELIENNN!!  I constantly admire your color palettes and dynamic poses AND PLUS you’re the loveliest person ever have a lovely day today!!!! this is awfully messy i’m sorry

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レオクラで関根くんの恋パロ by モンタン

Permission to repost this was granted by the artist ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ


a memory remembered again and again

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2014. 4인방 생일♡

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i just caught up reading the manga and

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Orginal by  Takahiko ABIRU - Edit by iRHF

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